Travel: Trips to Maui, Honolulu, Fiji, & More

At this juncture, you've likely noticed that Roy was not short on hobbies. Travel was right up there. Trips to Hawaii, Fiji, and Tahiti peppered his retirement years, but his career was truly built on travel, with hundreds of trips criss-crossing Canada. In fact, Roy's wife Shirley spent her nine-week honeymoon with Roy, accompanied by several of his crew, crossing Canada by train to perform shows.

Planes, trains and automobiles. With a career that encompassed at least two continents, and research for his winning gambling system, Roy flew across the Atlantic at least thirty-two times. Travel was the fabric of success in the early days; of necessity during his peak of stardom; and of sheer pleasure in the halcyon years of retirement.

Between his passion for collecting in the South Pacific; his gambling trips to Las Vegas, Reno, Britain, and Monte Carlo; his fishing sojourns; and his restless desire to learn, Roy found opportunities to travel throughout Europe and North America and across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.