Career & Achievements of Television Icon Roy Ward Dickson

Inventor. Innovator. Radio and television producer. TV host and emcee. Creator of games and quizzes. Successful author and true renaissance man. Television personality Roy Ward Dickson was a pioneering maverick whose lonely, painful childhood ultimately became a catalyst for huge success in Canada and Britain.

Roy's career got off to a rocky start. After emigrating — alone — to Canada at 15, Roy worked as a farm hand and endured a succession of low-paying jobs. For eleven months during the Great Depression — supporting a family of four — he held money in his hands only once: a quarter that he had found.

In 1933, though, he found inspiration while thumbing through a discarded newspaper on a Vancouver streetcar. The next morning he presented himself at the Sun newspaper and pitched them a circulation idea that landed him a succession of jobs that started him on his career. Roy had recognized the secret of honestly-won success: receptivity, luck, gall, and the ability to spare others time and effort. Do the job yourself and do it well, paying attention to every detail. That formula served him well, and led to success throughout his career and professional life. Click the links in the first paragraph above to find out more about this remarkable man's life and achievements.