Game Show Inventor and Radio & Television Pioneer

Think game shows and the name ROY WARD DICKSON is likely to spring to mind. This Canadian and British television personality was a prolific producer, writer, and emcee of quiz shows and game shows for both radio and television. Dubbed King of Quizz by an Edmonton journalist, Roy invented the game show on radio in 1935 and was thrown into celebrity almost instantly. In the early 1950s, he moved from radio to television with the TV show What d'you Know as the new medium took North America by storm. Over the next four decades, Roy devised and hosted numerous popular and successful television shows which featured various games and contests whereby participants were tested on their general knowledge or pitted against a clock, each other, or Roy himself.

Mr. & Mrs. TV Game Show

Mr & Mrs, was among the many shows invented by the King of Quiz. The premise of this immensely popular TV game show was to test couples' knowledge of each other. Roy invented, wrote, produced and hosted the original Canadian version of Mr and Mrs. It was popularized in the United Kingdom by Derek Batey throughout the 1970's and 1980's, and this popular show is about to enjoy yet another revival. Celador International, through Derek Batey, has recently licensed the rights from Roy's estate to develop and update his classic gameshow format for a 21st century audience. (Celador has recently been acquired by 2WayTraffic.)

Other Achievements of Note

  • Ranked top ten producing quizmaster (shows consistently placed in Canadian and British Top Ten charts, usually the top two e.g. Try for Ten, Mr and Mrs, Take a Chance!, Abracadabra)
  • Created different series lasting from 10 to 21 years (Mr & Mrs was 21), with revivals at later dates
  • Personally produced and conducted over 5,700 shows on radio and/or television
  • Devised 58 different series on radio and/or television
  • Turned out 244 television shows in one year in Hamilton
  • Held the Canadian and world mail records for a broadcast series (14,850,000 for one season of Take a Chance!)
  • Achieved high commercial success for his sponsors — 99.9% of mail for the above-mentioned season of Take a Chance! contained evidence of purchase
  • Dubbed King of Quizz by an Edmonton journalist, after Paul Whiteman's King of Jazz
  • Dubbed Father of the Modern Party Game and Quiz Show by Derek Sidenius (Times Staff Writer)

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